Here you can see, create, edit, remove and regenerate Invoices, check as paid or uncheck them

How to find Invoices?

1. To find Invoices, you should:

    1. Go to Accounting:

        1.1. Press  

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Invoices List:

Here you can:

1. See Invoices' status (Green color means that Invoice is paid, Purple color means that Invoice is overpaid, Red color means that Invoice is underpaid and White color means that PROMAN doesn't have any information about Invoice)

2. Manage accounting Invoices by buttons:

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could see Invoice
You could see Order name and number
You could confirm that Invoice was paid
You could enter partial pay
You could manage Invoice Options (only for these Invoices, which don't have Order)
You could invalidate invoice
You could regenerate Invoice (the same template, changes only name in Invoice)


How to know, if Invoice was settled automatically?

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with low confidence

  1. Press Icon

Description automatically generated(in menu tab )

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated

If you can see , it means, that Invoice has been settled and checked as Paid, automatically (You could press  and see more information about transaction)