Operations are small parts of Production. Here you can see and manage Operations

How to create an operation?

Operation manage

How to find Operations directly?

1. To find Operations directly, you should:

    1. Go to Orders:

        1.1. Press ;

        1.2. Press ;


Now you can see Operation list

How to find Operation from Order?

1. To create new Option, you should:

    1. Go to Orders:

        1.1. Press ;

        1.2. Press ;

        1.3. Choose order;

Now you can see Order Options

2. In grey menu tab choose  

Now you can see Order Operation

Operations represent actions what should be done to achieve completion of order. When you have product (article) blueprint, you know what must be done, some parts should be processed, some parts should be assembled - these are separate operations. Each operation helps to track current progress and status of order. Also, each operation can be easily overviewed in the calendar for the better understanding of the current situation.

There is a lot hidden by  button, which lets you customize what you see when previewing order listing. Also, there are filters above each listing column which lets you quickly find and sort information which you've been looking for.

Calendar – production operation overview in a graphical representation of operation data in production.
Workplace – entry about employee in a workplace.
Quality control  a process, which is used to manage quality assurance.
Material – any substance, with its own set of chemical composition, natural or generated from chemical elements or compounds.
Parameter – physical, technical measure which describes the product, process (operation) or equipment feature.
Order number – unique number for invoicing purposes.
Order name – name that represents given order information as a short summary what must be done.

For more information:

- How to create new Operation?

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