Orders represent "dealings" in your business logic. Each order is your real order which you receive from the customer. When creating the order, you may attach all other business logic to customers provided requirements and by doing so keep track of status and other relevant information about what is happening with the specific order. Also by entering details about the whole processing, you provide enough data to plan out what and when you may have in the specified order.


Add Check Box

Count Records

Change Order

Count Sum

Count Average

See All Text

Enable To See The Row

Show Paging On The Top

Include Dynamic Values

Subtotal Values


Reset Table settings

Basic order functionality:

  • to create the new order - press  (for more information, visit here)
  • to edit selected order - press (for more information, visit here)
  • to copy selected order - press (for more information, visit here (in bottom))

There is a lot hidden by  button, which lets you customize what you see when previewing order listing. Also, there are filters above each listing column which lets you quickly find and sort information which you've been looking for. New order functionality:

New order functionality:

  • to print order on the paper - press
  • to read the contacts - press 

Order number – unique number for invoicing purposes.
Order name – name that represents given order information as a summary what must be done.
Customer code – unique number which identifies the given customer.

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Description automatically generated You could filter objects in the list

 You can choose how you want to filter objects

You can exit from filtered list, press


Description automatically generatedManage what do you want to see 

You could manage what would you like to see in tables

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could choose and set how many rows you want to see in this table

You could add check box in column (you will seein each column)

You could add numbers in column (you will see 1, 2, 3, ... in each column

You could change row order

You could count sum of all values at bottom

You could count average of all values at bottom

You could see all text in row

You could enable to see row

You could disable to see row

You could show paging at the top

You could include dynamic values 
You could add subtotal values
Text, icon

Description automatically generatedYou could download the list of products

Description automatically generatedYou could reset table settings

How to add subtotal values?

To add subtotal values:

 1. Press   and choose subtotal values and how you want to group by.

2. Press  and choose what fields you want to see

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Order status


Confirmed by customer

Confirmed by manager

Confirmed by technologist




StatusWhat does it indicate?
Order was created, but not confirmed by a manager
Confirmed by customer
Order was confirmed by customer, but a manager has not confirmed yet
Confirmed by manager
Order was confirmed by a manager, operations started and you can start production
Confirmed by technologist
Production was created, but not started
Production was started
Order and all processes are suspended
Order and all processes are completed

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