Shipment manage


How to create new Shipment you could see here

When you created new Shipment, you could manage it with buttons. We will explain what button indicates and when you should press them.

Manage products in Shipment

Button in product

When you created new Shipment, you can see these buttons ():

ButtonWhat does it indicate?Buttons after press
You could confirm the quality of this product
You could upload photo of product or packageYour uploaded photo

You could return product quantity to store

Nothing changes
You could create new barcode for packageNothing changes
You could write quantity of product to this shipmentNothing changes
You could take product quantity from store to shipment containerThe product line becomes green
You could delete the shipmentThe shipment disappear

Main menu buttons in grey table (top, right side)

You can also see buttons in grey table:

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could create new Invoice or new order confirmation
You could see tracking information (if you write number below (Tracking number))

 it is inactive because shipment is not prepare

You could print data about shipment (template Bill of container)

Active log
You could remove shipment



All printed documents in Shipments about this order are in Order -> Documents