Stored products


Stored products is all products which were ordered. Here you can find information about stored and remnant quantity of product, parameters, warehouse location, orders, movements and so on.

Product price priorities:

1. Stored Product Sale price;

2. Article Price expression;

3. Article List price;

4. Order products Sale price

How to find Stored products directly?

1. To find Stored products directly, you should:

    1. Go to Orders:

        1.1. Press ;

        1.2. Press ;

Now you can see Stored products list

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could create new product
You could add products from your computer
You could see events of the products in store
You could 
You could purchase product. For more information how to create new Purchase and manage it, please visit here
You could see products you need to purchase

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 How to create new product?

If you would like to create new product, you could press  and create it.

1. To credit of materials to operation, you need to press ;

2. In dialog table:

    2.1. Name;

    2.2. Choose article form list;

Now you should choose parameters:

3. Press 

Now you can see your product table

Here you could:

1. Change name;

2. Expire at;

3. Choose status:

  • Stock;
  • Material;
  • Sold;
  • Written off;
  • Quarantine;
  • In transit;
  • Rejected;
  • Shipped;
  • Purchase;
  • Arrived

3. Choose type:

  • Product;
  • Service;
  • Asset

4. Unit

5. Lot number;

6. Enter barcode (press );

7. Choose Warehouse Location (from list);

8. Location notes;

9. Cost

10. Purchase price;

11. Sale price;

12. Vat 

13. Stored quantity;

14. Reserved quantity;

15. Packaging quantity;

16. Parameters;

17. Weight;

18. Upload product photo;

19. Choose supplier;

20. Item name in customer's system;

21. Store name;

22. Store comments;

23. Min stock;

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New Product manage

What does it indicate?
You could see activity log in product
You could create the order
You could purchase product

You could product to warehouse
You could print product barcode
You could delete product

For more information How to manage the Purchase, visit here

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