Create operation


File access

Production store access

How to find Operations?



To find Operations, you should:

    1. Go to Resources:

        1.1. Press  ;

        1.2. Press ;

Now you can see Workplaces, Workgroup, Operations and Subcontractors List:

 How to create new Operation?

If you would like to create new Operation, you could press  and create it.

1. To create new Operation you need to press :

2. In dialog table enter name

3. Press

Now you can see Operation Options

Operations Options

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
Quality controlYou could claim Quality control
You could choose Superviser
File accessYou could access files in Operation Event
Production store accessYou could access production store (barcode in Operation Event --> Products)
Show orderYou could let operator to see Order information
Show order filesYou could let operator to see Order files
Show productsYou could let operator to see Order products (Operation Events --> Products)
SegmentedYou could switch on Segmentation (only if Article Production is segmented and you add it)
Link Layer eventsYou could choose Operations which are in Article Production (segmented)

Segment link min

You could set minimum time (seconds) between two Operations
Segment link max 
You could set maximum time (seconds) between two Operations
Standard timeYou could set standard Operation time
Exclude from productionYou could choose is it Production Operation or not
Manager confirm
You could choose when create order operation (when order is created or when it is confirmed by manager)
Auto status updateYou could update Operation status automatically
Auto resource assignmentYou could assign resources automatically () or assign workplace manual in Production ()
Can start before previous finishesYou could start Operation before previous finishes
Requires employeesYou could require to assign employee to operation
Uses material recipeYou could use material recipe in Operation
ParallelityYou could let this Operation start for many employees
One finish allYou could let operator to finish all suboperations

Operations Resources

Here you can see, add () and delete () Workgroups and Subcontactors

Operations Parameters Visible to Opertor

Here you can see, add () and delete () Parameters, which will be visible to Operators in Operation event and Calendar (it depends on Parameter fields)

Operations Relations

Here you can see, add () and delete () Relations with other Operations

Operations Articles

Here you can see Articles, which use this Operation

Operations Materials

Here you can see, add () and delete () Materials categories