Sales opportunities are the main tool for managing customers' relations. It is used for tracking all opportunities with existing or possible clients. This way your marketing team can manage and improve marketing. Each opportunity is represented by a card, which can be then dragged across all set sales opportunities stages.

How to create new project?

Project manage

How to to find Projects?

1. To find Projects, you should:

    1. Go to Sales:

        1.1. Press ;

        1.2. Press ;


Now you can see active Project list

Menu tabs (in top, grey table)

Here you can see and add ()  active Project list and you could manage Project with buttons. We will explain what button indicates and when you should press them:

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could choose what kind of information you want to see (By date, By update date, By position, By tag)

You could choose all Project, in which you are as Participant
You could choose yourself
You could choose Customer
You could choose date (from to)

You could choose Project stage
You could choose Project tags

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Here you can see, tag (), see summary (), edit () and delete ()  all project you have ever had

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Here you can see your projects in chart

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Here you can see, add () and edit () stages of your projects (order, color, name)

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Here you can see, add () and change () types of your projects

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