Sales events


Sales events are used to improve your marketing ability. Here you can plan and track exhibitions, meetings, and other opportunities which may help you build your marketing plan.

How to find Sales Events?

1. To find Sales Events, you should:

    1. Go to Sales:

        1.1. Press  Graphical user interface

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        1.2. Press

Now you can see Sales Events List:


ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could tag Sales Event
You could see Sales Event summary
You could edit Sales Event
You could copy Sales Event
You could delete Sales Event

How to create new Sales Event?

If you would like to create new Sales Event, you need to press

1. To create Sales Event you need to press :

2. In dialog table:

    2.1. Enter name;

    2.2. Sales event type from Sales Event type List:

  • Phone call;
  • Meeting online;
  • Price proposal;
  • Email proposal;
  • Meeting on exhibition

    2.3. Sales event date and time;

    2.4. Duration;

    2.5. Participant (you could add (press ))

3. Press

Sales Event types

Here you could see, create (), edit () and delete () the Sales Event types

Sales Event stages

Here you could see, create (), edit () and delete () the Sales Event stages

Sales Event manage

Here you can enter information about Sales Event


What does it indicate?

You could see sales event activity

You could conduct sales event

You could delete sales event

Basic sales event functionality:

  • to edit selected sales event - press
  • to copy selected sales event - press
  • to delete selected sales event - press

There is a lot hidden by  button, which lets you customize what you see when previewing sales event listing. Also, there are filters above each listing column which lets you quickly find and sort information which you've been looking for.

Sales events are the core part of system. They create plenty of incredible opportunities to manage, track and control the sales department workflow. Sales events are part of Sales opportunities functionality and together gives the insights into the run of your business, gives you the information you need in a forecasts mode, the way that you can use it most effectively to plan production floor. Sales events offer you a tool to simplify sales processes from day one and most important, on an enterprise level.

Scenarios (how to?)

Create a new Sales event

Show events for customers