Dynamic fields


Here you can create and manage additional fields that are necessary for you in all areas in PROMAN. For example, Employee Options, Product Options, Article Tests and so on.




  • Orders;
  • Production;
  • Sale opportunity project
  • Customers
  • Materials
  • Order Proposal
  • Employee;
  • Sales Event;
  • Suppliers;
  • Table booking
  • Customer Employees
  • Development projects
  • System Options;
  • Invoices;
  • Products;
  • Articles;
  • Shipments;
  • Purchase orders;
  • Carriers

Choose if it is required (press)

Basic parameter functionality:

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could edit Parameter (if you edit Dynamic field order, it affects all users)
You could delete Parameter

You can choose Dynamic Fieds type:

TypeWhat does it indicate?
NumberYou could choose enter only numbers
StringYou could choose enter text till 256 symbols
Multiple linesYou could choose enter long text
Yes/noYou could choose enter 'Yes' or 'No"
ListYou could choose enter list (text till 256 symbols each)
DropdownYou could choose enter list (text till 256 symbols each)
DatetimeYou could choose enter date and time
DurationYou could choose enter duration by hours, minutes and seconds
Parameter groupYou could choose enter different/same types parameters in one group
ResourcesYou could choose enter workplaces which has resources parameter default operation. If you want use resources parameter in the article need to add resources parameter default operation in the article operations.
MaterialYou could choose enter materials from the store
Material CategoryYou could choose enter parent material categories which has sub categories
SubcontractorsYou could choose enter list of operations
List priceYou could choose enter currency