If we want to avoid manual work, we need to create templates. We could use dynamically data to all our documents we need (for example Invoice, Order, Product, ...). We will show how to create templates.

How to create a template?

First of all, we need to find the templates field in dashboard and start new one
'->' means we should press the button

Dashboard -> Settings -> Templates ->  

In new template creation dialog we need enter the template name, its type (usually html) and context.

More information about 'Context' we can find here

Then we press  and got the template redactor:

How to use dynamically data?
We need to pressicon to switch to HTML mode and dynamically use data fields. Data fields must be entered in double curly braces {{  }}.

For example, if we want to use Account No we enter: {{ system.organisationAccount }}*

Another example , if we want to use Bank code we enter{{ system.organisationBankCode }}*

* Choose field which is important for you to reach data to template:

Note: To save Template you should press button

Insert a picture in the production template