Order templates

Order's fields for templates

We can add Order's fields to templates. We will show which fields of Order we can add to templates.

How to find Order?

Orders -> Productions -> Select production -> Order (in grey table) -> Options


Templates codeWhat it indicates and example ()
{{ order.customer.name }}Customer name (Omniteksas)
{{ order.name }}Name (Nose clip)
{{ order.number }}Order number (3T-26250)
{{ order.customerNumber }}Customer’s code (3T-62141)
{{ order.manager.name }}Manager (Andrius Vilkas)
{{ order.managerComments }}Manager comments (10/28 send together with 3T-26150)
{{ field(order.customerEmployee, 'alias', '') }}
Get Dynamic field Order type data particular alias (more information about Dynamic field you could get here)

Other comments

Continue Order

Templates codeWhat it indicates and example ()
{{ order.technologistComments }}Technologist comments (Have a nice day!)
{{ order.customerComment }}Customer comment (Please pack all orders in one shipment)