Here you can attach documents of employees by specialisations. These documents are necessary to read when employee log in to PROMAN (one time).

How to find Documents of Employees?

1. To find Documents of Employees, you should:

    1. Go to Staff:

        1.1. Press  ;

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Documents of Employees:

Here you can see, edit () and delete () Documents of Employees

 How to create new Documents of Employees?

If you would like to create new Document of Employees, you could press  and create it.

2. In dialog table

    2.1. Enter name,

    2.2. Upload document;

    2.3. Choose read period;

    2.4. Check what Specialisations need document

3. Press 

Now people who have checked specialisation will see this document then they log in to PROMAN