Notifications are used to notify users about some important event in the system. Here you can customise what is important in your business model and which employees should be notified about such information.

How to set Button Listener on top

How to find Notifications?

1. To find Employees, you should:

    1. Go to Staff:

        1.1. Press  ;

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Notifications list (Objects):

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
Enabled You could enable () or disable () notification
You could see what was changed
You could see when notification was send
You could edit notification (for more information about it, you could read below)
You could delete notification

How to create new notification?

To create new notification, you should press  and create it:

    1. Press ;

    2. In dialog table:

        2.1. Enter name;

        2.2. Choose Action;

        2.3. Enable () or disable () action;

        2.4. Choose Table (if you can't see it, you should activate it (go to table and then come back)):

  • Article;
  • Document;
  • Sale;
  • SaleEvent;
  • Development;
  • DevelopmentTask
  • Event;
  • CustomEvent;
  • MaintenanceOperation;
  • Quant;
  • PurchaseOrder;
  • Material;
  • Order;
  • Invoice;
  • Shipment;
  • Product;
  • Person;
  • Production
  • ProductionOperation;
  • ect.

        2.5. Public () or private () action;

        2.6. Check when you want to get notification (On create, On update, On delete)

    3. Press 

Action list

ActionWhat does it indicate?


You could calculate Employee Salary


You could check Fiscal status


You could check Order price


You could close empty Order


You could copy confirmed Order


You could create Sales Project


You could check Material minimum quantity


You could delete empty Order


You could inform about unpaid Invoice. For more information, please visit here


You could inform about Order Certificate End


You could Message Proforma In Order


You could send notification


You could print Order


You could send email from Templates


You could send Generator Output


You could send Order summary


You could get unfinished Operations report


You could update all users password


You could update manager password

How to manage notification?

To manage notification, you should press  and manage it:


Here you can change name, Action, set expression, enable Action, choose Table and when you want to get notification. 

For more information about expressions, visit here

before.status != record.status && record.status == "sent"
Get notification when Shipment status changes from "Prepared" to "Sent"


Here you can write message and title


Here you can add Subscribers

Periodic Listener

Here you can add notification which are periodic

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
*/5Every 5 days/hours/minutes
Every day/hour/minute

For more information how to set time, please visit here

Mail Notification

Here you can add notification which are sending by email

Button Listener

Here you can add notification which are activated after press the button

 How to set Button Listener on top

1. To set Button Listener on top, press 

2. Now you can see the dialog table

3. In dialog table choose Add action

Now you can see the dialog table Add Action (the same as Notification Button Listener)

4. Choose Button Listener Action and press 

Now you can see button on top, which does Action

Listener Log

Here you can add all logs with notification 

Notifications are split by two types:

  • Reminder
  • Event