How to create button Listener notification?


How to create new button Listener action?

1. To find Employees Notification, you should:

    1. Go to Staff:

        1.1. Press   Staff

        1.2. Press Notification

Now you can see Notifications list (Objects):

2. Go to

Now you can see Mail notifications list

3. To create new notification, you should press  and create it:

4. In dialog table:

    4.1. Enter Notification name;

    4.2. Choose CreateNewProjectFromEmail Action;

    4.3. Enable Notification;

    4.4. Press

Now you could see a little bit different dialog table

5. In this dialog table:

    5.1. Press 

    5.2. Enter Order which you would like to copy;

    5.3. Press

For more information how to add notification button, please visit here