New Periodic Listener notification


Periodic listener notification (Inform Unpaid Invoice) 

How to get notification about critical quantities of Materials?

How to find Notifications?

To find Employees Notification, you should:

    1. Go to Staff:

        1.1. Press  ;

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Notifications list (Objects):

    2. Press 

Now you can see list of Periodic listener

How to create new Periodic listener notification? (Inform Unpaid Invoice)

To create new notification, you should press  and create it:

    1. Press ;

    2. In dialog table:

        2.1. Enter name;

        2.2. Choose Action;

        2.3. Enable () or disable () action;

    3. Press 

Now you can see notification settings

    4. Set up time when you want to inform Customers, about unpaid invoice (and how often you would like to send it)

Note: This action will not send email, if Invoice is Proforma or Invalidated.

How to set up frequency?

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
*/5Every 5 days/hours/minutes
Every day/hour/minute

For more information how to set time, please visit here

    5. PressMessage

Now you can see notification Message

    6. Choose Template from list

    7. Press 

How to get notification about critical quantities of Materials?

1. Press   and ;

2. Choose Objects

3.  Press

4. Choose action (NotificationAction)

5. Choose Table (Note: if you can't see it, you just need to activate that Table. How to activate the table? You should go to Materials table ( and then repeat all three steps which you see above).

6. Enter Expression (record.inStock < record.minStock)

7. Check On update

8. Press

9. Press Message

10. Enter Email body (Material {{ }} has critical quantity. Remnant quantity {{ record.inStock }} )

11. Enter Email Subject (Material {{ }} has critical quantity)

12. Press Subscribers

13. Press  and choose Employee who will get email with critical quantities of Materials

14. Press

Note: You should also enter min Stock in the Material.