Personal Tables

How to find Personal Tables?

1. To find Personal tables, you should:

    1. Go to Tables:

        1.1. Press 

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Personal tables list

Here you can see, create (), see data (), edit () and delete () Personal tables

For more information about Dynamic tables (how to create and enter data to Dynamic tables), visit here.

1. Press  and then press ;

2. Press;

3. Choose if it is a public report (), which specialisation will fill in this table and which specialisation will supervise it.

4. Press in order to create the column (do it as many as you need column).

5.  Enter name and choose Column type. 

6. Choose if it is Required, Show in the table, Public column (if yes, press the checkbox )

7. Press 

8. When you create all columns you need, Press

How to fill in Personal Tables?

Go to Dynamic table and press .

Then fill in columns and press

You could also add your answer as default (press ). You can see it below.