Article Options


How to change article name?

How to change article code (alias)?

How to add constant price to article?

How to add VAT to article?

How to add devices to print check to kitchen?

How to set expression?

Here you can set option about particular Article:

1. Change article name;

2. Set Code (alias of Article);

3. Enter Description for customer;

4. Enter Description for production;

5. Set price (note: if you have Price expression, it is not valid);

6. Choose Vat form Vat List;

7. Add Devices (where technical information will be printed in the kitchen (if it must be printed)). You could see only POS printers here. For more information about POS printer device, please visit here.

You could also choose what to do with Article (from new Order to Shipment) and manage it with buttons. We will explain what button indicates and when you should press them.

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could have auto order finishing 
You could print 
You could store article as product
You could sale product only form store (you can't Production it order)
You could use packaging (you will see it in order create table)
You could store Article as material
You could sell 
You must choose Material (if your Article is material)
You could
You could always use production in this Article
You could create production automatically
You could start production automatically
You could copy production automatically
You could copy production operations
You could merge production with the same Article automatically
You could always use shipment in this Article
You could create shipment automatically
You could create shipment container automatically
You must set auto shipment period (only if you want to create shipment container automatically)

You could upload the main Article's photo (in top, right side) (only one)

You could upload the live Article's photo (.gif format) (only one)

You could upload documents about Article's (many documents)


You could choose weight unit, which you can see in Product Options

You could see selected weight unit in Product Options

How to copy production operations? 

How to set expression?

If you would like to use expression, you could manage it in menu tabs. We will explain what you could do in all of them when you should press them.

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could search the expression in expression list
You could enter your own expression

For more information about expression, visit here

ExpressionWhere could yo see it?
30220 - it's the Order number
30220 - it's the Product number
30218 - it's the Order number
48873 - it's the Production number
69499 - it's the Product number

If the negative quantity of the material is turned off

 and the production requires more than is in stock, it creates the production, makes the material reserved

 but does not include it in the order materials.