Comments are one of the most important aspects of the LEAN methodology used in system. It comes from Japanese 改善 [kaizen] "change for better" approach. The comments in system are used to track specific information about articles and orders. When you are creating your production there are always moments where you think about how to improve something; these situations happen mainly when constructing your product or when processing result to order. So comments are a very easy way to keep track of such ideas and then make the best out of them - react and make changes to your current production process.

How to find Comments?

    1. Go to Technology:

        1.1. Press  ;

        1.2. Press

Now you could see list of Comments

Here you can see, edit () and delete () comments

ButtonWhat does it indicate?
You could always see comment in article (if not, button must be black one)
You could see comment in order (if not, button must be black one)