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Updates 2021-09-07


You can set up Shift change time and see it in Calendar

Updates 2021-08-31


1. When you press Purchase button, you should choose supplier

2. You can see Purchase Invoice Vat sum in the list of Purchase

3. You should press if you would like to see information about transactions

4. You should press if you would like to confirm transaction

5. You  should press and choose Template if you would like to send Purchase email to Supplier (Template should be Customer document context)

6. You should pressand choose Services if you would like to relate Purchases. Both of these Purchase are summed in Materials costs (sum is without VAT)


1. You can filter Invoice Article and product parameters


1. You can see if you prepared more products than you had planned


1. If Customer doesn't have permission Product Edit, he couldn't see information about Organisation and products: Stored Quantity, Reserve in Stock, Store name and ect.


1. You can see or add Operation parameters

2. You could add Defect act. You can see it in Employee's Operations


1. You can see Reports Tab only if you have Reports Master permission

2. Employee can see Invoices for those Customers which are assigned to him. Employee can see all Invoices if he has who have permission Invoice View All 


1. Invoice interface was changed, you should choose Field of use

2. You can send Invoice to Customer employee (you can find Customer Employee's list of emails only if Document Notification is checked in Customer Employee Options) 


1. You can copy Order proposal in Order Proposal table


1. You can add date when you would like to get Remind Email regarding Sales Opportunities Project. You should choose date and create new Periodic Listener Action