Inventor types are used to classify inventors by type and assign them specific format.


How to find Inventory tests?

1. To find Inventory types, you should:

        1.1. Press  

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Inventory Types list:

Here you can see, create (), edit () and delete () Inventory types

 How to create new Inventory type?

If you would like to create new Inventory type, you should press  and create it.

1. To create new Inventory type you need to press :

2. In dialog table enter name and choose Unit (if it is needed);

3. Press

Now you can see new Inventory type

Here you can see, choose Unit or Alternative Unit, set Alternative unit expression () material type, create (), edit () and delete () new parameter (field of use - material format). You could set if you want to see format in Material () or not ()