How to find Tables?

1. To find Tables, you should:

    1. Go to Tables:

        1.1. Press 

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Dynamic Tables list

Here you can see, create (), see data (), edit () and delete () Dynamic tables

 How to create new Dynamic Table?

If you would like to create new Dynamic Table, you could press  and create it.

1. To create new Dynamic Table, you need to press ;

2. In dialog table:

    2.1. Enter Table name;

    2.2. Select it is Public () or not ()

    2.3. Choose row creator specialisation from list;

    2.4. Choose row supervisor specialisation from list;

    2.5. Choose template;

    2.6. To create column press 

        2.6.1. Enter Column name;

        2.6.2. Choose column type

        2.6.3. Select it is Required, Show in table, Public Column () or not ();

        2.6.4. Enter Autofill expression (if you need it)

        2.6.5. Enter Default value (if you need it)

        2.6.6. Press 

    2.7. You can change Column order ()

3. Press 

Now you can see New Table data

Column types
Column type

Dynamic table type integer

You could choose enter only numbers

Dynamic table type string

You could choose enter text till 256 symbols

Dynamic table type text

You could choose enter long text

Dynamic table type entity

Dynamic table type date

You could choose enter date

Dynamic table type price

You could choose enter price

Dynamic table type duration

You could choose enter duration

Dynamic table type dropdown

You could choose enter list (text till 256 symbols each)

Dynamic table type boolean

You could choose enter 'Yes' or 'No"

Dynamic table type entity field

 How to enter data in Dynamic Table?

You should have permission to enter data. You could see who could enter data in table "Row creator specialisation".

If you have permission and you would like to enter data in Dynamic Table, you should:

1. Choose Dynamic Table 

2. Press ;

2. In dialog table:

    2.1. Upload documents;

    2.2. Enter values;

3. Press   (if you would like to lock your values) and