Here you can see, create, import, edit and remove Organisation Payments: Bank Transactions, Invoice, Purchase, Employee, Cash Payments, Cash registers, Payent ant Coupons Type

SwedBank integration to Smarton

How to find Payments?

1. To find Payments, you should:

    1. Go to Accounting:

        1.1. Press  

        1.2. Press 

Now you can see Payments List:

Here you can see, create (), go to categories (), import xls file (), copy (), edit () and delete () Tax Payments. For more information How to create new purchase, visit here


Cash registers

Here you can form daily report (), day-end report and set cash 00 (), get report from Template (XYZ (Manager) reports context)), cash in () and cash out ()


Payment types

Here you can see, create (), edit () and delete () Payment types


Here you can see () Transactions.


Proman has opportunity to use bank information and settle Invoices. There are some rules:

  1. Customer must use Invoice affix and Invoice number in the payment, for example TTT1231;
  2. Payment sum must be the same as Invoice sum


Invoice affix you could see in Logo

Description automatically generated -->  --> Logo

Description automatically generated (Bookkeeping details). For more information, please visit here (Accounting, Settings, Company)