Operation manage


How to create new Operation, you could see here.

Now you should go to Order, when go to Operations:

1. Choose Operation;

2. Press  

3. Here you can see two lines (only if Workplace set):

  1. Main operation
  2. Personal operation

How to manage Operation?

When you created Operations, you could manage it with buttons. We will explain what button indicates and when you should press them (You could manage them Main or personal production):

ButtonWhat does it indicate?

You could start operation
You could finish operation
You could cancel operation
Only if you finished operation and pressed
You could add new operation

You could cancel what you have done before (step by step)
You could add materials for production (see below)
You could set operation (see below)

You could see all comments about the order and add it

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How to add materials for operation?

If you would like to add materials for operation, you could press  and add them.

1. To credit of materials to operation, you need to press ;

2. In dialog table:

    2.1. press button

    2.2. Choose the materials you want (from templates or enter barcode), enter Remnant, Quantity;

    2.3. Press 

3. Press

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How to enter operation settings?

If you would like to manage operation, you could press  and do it.

1. To enter operation settings, press

2.  In dialog table choose: 

    2.1. Workplace

    2.2. Links

    2.3. Planned start and Planed end

    2.4. Duration

    2.5. Employees

    2.6. Quality control (on or off)

3. Press

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