How to create new project from email?



Before creating new project from email, you need to have confirmed emails in Proman (both of email sender and recipient). For more information about Employee email confirmation, please visit here 

How to create new project from email?

1. To find Employees Notification, you should:

    1. Go to Staff:

        1.1. Press   Staff

        1.2. Press  Notification

Now you can see Notifications list (Objects):

2. Go to 

Now you can see Mail notifications list

3. To create new notification, you should press  and create it:

4. In dialog table:

    4.1. Enter Notification name;

    4.2. Choose CreateNewProjectFromEmail Action;

    4.3. Enable Notification;

    4.4. Enter Filter key

5. Press 

Now you can see new Notification in Mail notifications list

6. Go to email and create new Email:

7. In email Subject:

    7.1. Choose project type:

- Sale if you want to create new Sale project;

- Development if you want to create new Development project

    7.2. Enter (without space)

    7.3. Enter Filter key (without space)

    7.4. Enter Title of project (AFTER space)

8. You can write comments in Email body

9. Send Email

10. Go to , press , press

Now you can see new All Projects list (and new one). Note: it could take 20 min

For more information about Sales Projects, visit here.


Employee, who gets email is project creator and manager.