Customers are your business contacts. These entries represent your real relations with your customers who order services from you. Clients types help to professionally separate entries.

How to add logo to POS?

How to find Customers?

1. To find Customers, you should:

    1. Go to Sales:

        1.1. Press ;

        1.2. Press ;


Now you can see Customer list

Now we will explain menu tabs in grey area


Here you can see, add (), edit () and delete () Customer list

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Here you can see and edit () Customer Employees list

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Here you can see list of Customer Employees who use Proman

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Here you could see, add (), edit () and delete () Customers Types

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Here you could see, add () and edit () Customer Divisions

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Here you could see, add (), edit () and delete () Customers discount cards

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Here you could see, add () and cancel () Permissions for Customers

Basic customer functionality:

  • to create a new customer - press 
  • to edit selected customer - press 
  • to delete selected customer - press  

There is a lot hidden by button, which lets you customize what you see when previewing order listing. Also, there are filters above each listing column which lets you quickly find and sort information which you've been looking for.

Customer type – this is what defines customer types, for example, "local" might be customers located the same country, "private", might be persons instead of a company, "VIP" can be the strategic customers, "textile" can be customers working in the textile sector, etc.

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Clients portal

Clients portal is a minimized CMS tool. It is used to quickly create a very simple web page which can then presented your client' identity with logo, any important information, videos and other interactive information. The page is made of blocks; each block can represent some multimedia section.

1. Add main logo to Main logo 

2. Add POS logo to Small logo

Now you can see your logo in POS

Clients portal – CMS tool designed for customers to present a range of information and other multimedia.